Cost of Doing Business in Kyrgyzstan 2013 (JICA and CCI)

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

You are holding the handbook “The cost of doing business in the Kyrgyz Republic”. This is the first publication that has condensed all the necessary information for opening and doing business in the country into one publication. The publication of the handbook was possible thanks to the support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). We express our appreciation to the Chief Representative of JICA in the Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Takayuki Oyama for supporting this initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic on publishing a handbook
which is so important and necessary for domestic and foreign businesses.

The publication of the handbook is mandated by the demands of time. Today, when every minute counts, a potential entrepreneur or investor must possess reliable information on doing business beginning from its formation and development to its closing. The handbook shows the methods of opening an enterprise, required procedures, and the cost, licenses and permits, certificates, sizes of
taxes and social payments, logistics and cargo transportation, and other items of critical business information. We believe that the handbook will make it possible for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to make the initial calculations for opening a business. The Kyrgyz Republic is a country with vast natural, tourism, and human potential, and it is open for investment. The sphere of light industry is
developing dynamically, there are great prospects for the development of the mining and hydropower sectors, and there is the potential to provide several foreign markets with organic agricultural products.

The handbook will certainly be useful for small and medium businesses. It is important for us to develop small and medium businesses as it is well known that this sector plays an important economic and social role in the country by providing tax revenues to the state budget, jobs to the population, as well as reacting to changes in the market and creating goods and services without large investments
and resources. 

We hope that the handbook will be a useful for everyone: potential foreign investors starting their activities with small and medium-sized enterprises, those who plan to open a new business, those who already have an active one, etc. In turn, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic (the CCI) – which has become the main power in the country consolidating small, medium, and large businesses, the main defender of the interests of the business community for the half-century of its activity – is ready to assist in the promotion and development of your business.

Marat Sharshekeev

The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
of the Kyrgyz Republic